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How the Bridge Began

01. January 3, 1887

Bridge opens to the public

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02. 1894 Flood Damage

Flood damage caused $259 in repairs to the bridge floor, paid for by George Miller of Butte County.

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03. 1901 Bridge is Covered

To protect from further damage, the county approved the bridge to be covered. It took 10 days and 6 men to complete.

04. 1965 HRCBA Formed

A runaway truck damaged the far side of the bridge, at which point the county discontinued vehicular use. The county agreed to allow canyon residents to repair the damage so that the bridge could continue to be used by pedestrians. Led by Harley Johnson and Dr. Merritt Horning, the nonprofit Honey Run Covered Bridge Association (HRCBA) was created.

05. 1972 HRCBA Builds Bridge Park

The nonprofit purchased land to create the adjacent Bridge Park, allowing additional recreation opportunities for Butte County residents.

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06. 1988 Bridge added to the National Register of Historic Places

The bridge gained historic preservation status in the late 1980s, exactly 101 years after it was first constructed.

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